3DOM data management applications

For configuration and manual data download

3DOM, supplied with each data logger, it allows configuration via PC, with the possibility of saving the various configurations locally.
Supplied with all data loggers, the program guides the user through the procedure, with the possibility of creating a final report.

It allows both a quick and easy display of the instantaneous values acquired, useful for diagnostic purposes, and the download of data from the memory in .TXT format compatible with Excel.

Code: 3DOM



Data logger configuration

  • Choice of LSI Lastem sensors from library, or parameterization of non-LSI Lastem sensors
  • Configuration of the measured and calculated quantities selected from the library of derived quantities that use measured or in turn calculated quantities and settable K-factors (see Catalog of Derived Quantities)
  • Electrical signals engineering (analog, digital, serial) in each channel
  • Choice of the protocol of the connected serial sensor
  • Configuration of the channel register for Modbus protocol
  • Choice of network and channels for ZigBee protocol (only R-Log and E-Log model with radio)
  • Acquisition rate configuration for each channel
  • Choice of processed values: instantaneous, average, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, total, wind output, etc.
  • Choice of the statistical basis for processing
  • Configuration of calibration polynomial curves (maximum 7 configurable curves)
  • Configuration of electrical outputs (actuators) according to programmable events
  • Choice and sending of the configuration (also via GPRS)

Data transfer to PC via RS232-RS485-USB-Ethernet-GSM

The transfer of stored data to the PC is performed manually (on operator command) with a cable (RS232-USB / 485) or via Ethernet.

It is possible to set the date from which the data must be downloaded and visualize them (data preview) before downloading. Configuration of the two RS232 ports convertible to RS485 or USB

  • GPRS modem configuration
  • FTP connection configuration for data transmission (push-mode) via Ethernet (Pluvi-ONE and Alpha-Log) or GPRS modem

Data transmission protocol configuration: LSI LASTEM proprietary protocol, Modbus-RTU (Master), TTY and FTP

From the program it is possible to select which storage medium to save the data on. Choice of format: TXT file or SQL Server GIDAS database.


Configuration of the text file format.
Allows the configuration of the Pluvi-ONE and Alpha-Log data loggers. Through 3DOM it is also possible to download the data sent by the instruments to a remote FTP area and save them in SQL GIDAS format on the local PC. The configuration file can be sent to Pluvi-ONE and Alpha-Log in the following ways: Via Ethernet port Via a USB key Via FTP server in which Pluvi-ONE and Alpha-Log check if there is a new configuration available and, if positive, upload

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