Alpha-Log CommNET

For automatic data download on FTP area

Alpha-log CommNET is a service application that allows you to download data automatically from the FTP servers where the data logger Alpha-Log sent them.

Once received, it is possible to manage the data for different purposes:

  • Use the data with LSI LASTEM programs that support the SQL-GIDAS database;
  • Use the data present in the SQL database in a flexible and immediate way through third-party applications created for the purpose;
  • Back up ASCII data from an FTP area to local or shared folders.


Code: BSZ309

Alpha-Log CommNET


  • Saving of Alpha-Log adata on SQL-GIDAS database for use through LSI LASTEM applications;
  • Once present in the database, the data are easily managed through GIDAS-Viewer;
  • Saving data on SQL database on local or shared folder (visible in local or remote network).

Data download from remote FTP area

Both data loggers can send data to several FTP areas. The tools connect itself automatically and periodically to each FTP area and download the data from there. Then the tool saves the data into SQL GIDAS data base in the receiver server for further management using compatible LSI LASTEM applications.

Moving file into the server

After data download Alpha-log CommNET can move the file to a backup folder of the FTP area.
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Alpha-Log CommNET