For automatic data download on PC

CommNet is a program that allows you to automatically configure, download and save the data present in an LSI Lastem data logger in the SQL GIDAS database that resides on a PC (or on a Windows Server) or in a text file. CommNet can simultaneously manage different types of communication and protocols, including serial COM, PSTN, GSM and GPRS, TCP / IP, VHF / UHF radio.

The program consists of 2 modules, one for configuration and one for automatic data download. CommNET can be installed on a server, the generated SQL database and the programs that use it can reside on other PCs connected to each other.


Code: BSZ306.2



  • Automatic communication of data via GSM, GPRS, radio, TCP / IP from the data logger to the PC;
  • Instant or processed values storage on GIDAS database or text format with formatting;
  • Monitoring of communications service activities and generation of a log file.

Configuration form

  • Simultaneous use of different communication devices: VHF / UHF radio, GSM, GPRS, LAN / WAN, USB, RS232 / 485 cable);
  • Automatic call mode of one or groups of data loggers: communication device, start date / time and repetitions;
  • Configuration of the stored data format: customizable text file, SQL database, GIDAS server, binary file;
  • Data type configuration: processed and / or instantaneous. The instantaneous values are used by X-panel and other programs created by the user;
  • Automatic synchronization of data logger clocks;
  • Switching off the communication devices of the data logger after the call;
    Memorization of the configurations made.


Service activity

  • Automatic restart in case of restart of the PC;
  • Panel for displaying calls in progress, pending and communications statistics;
  • Communications log;
  • Manual calls.

GPRS module

Incoming calls in “push mode” from data loggers via GPRS modem. In this case the PC that receives the incoming data must have a public and static IP.

Server installation

CommNET can be installed on a server where it stores data on the SQL GIDAS database. The database can be queried by the programs installed on other PCs on the network that support this database.

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