All the features available from any workstation connected to the web

The Enviro-Cube cloud platform allows to access the data of the meteorological stations through any Internet access point.

This service is offered by subscription by LSI LASTEM.

Enviro-Cube Cloud Platform is widely configurable by the user, it allows the visualization, download and processing of the data collected by the meteorological stations. The website is modular and allows the enabling of different users with different permissions of access to data and various functions.

Optional modules can be added for specific calculations (cumulated precipitations, evapo-transpiration).
Data communication from the data logger to the LSI LASTEM server is performed via GPRS or TCP / IP.

For connection via TCP / IP the station must be connected through LAN, or through a modem/router, appropriately configured to send data to the cloud server.



Code: SWCLA3100



  • Wide configurability of the organization (users and roles) and of the weather stations by the user
  • Multi-tenant platform open to integration into third-party systems
  • Introduction of the concept of “station” detached from the physical device, formed by the logical aggregation of devices
  • Measured values of the last 72 hours with dynamic update in graphic format
  • Visualization of historical values of different stations in graphical and tabular format
  • Data export in text or Excel format
  • Configurable aggregation on map of data from different stations
  • Configuration of alarms with validity range or thresholds exceeded
  • Modules for additional functions
  • Data security through authentication and database partitioning
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