Gidas Viewer – Software

Management, reporting and analysis of data downloaded to the PC

GIDAS Viewer is the LSI Lastem program for viewing historical data downloaded from data loggers (through 3DOM, CommNET and P1-CommNET).

The program uses the data in the SQL GIDAS database and produces tables and graphs, both of raw data and of reprocessed data, according to different time bases that can be selected by the user. The re-elaborations can be exported as Excel files ( CSV) or text files ( TXT), the graphs can be saved as images (* JPG). The program allows you to save data view filters (Views), with the possibility of including data from more than one station at the same time, using the same settings without having to re-edit them. The display can include one or more quantities acquired by one or more devices in order to aggregate data from different data loggers.


Code: BSZ311

Gidas Viewer


  • Visualization and extraction of stored data from the GIDAS database;
  • Data re-processing on different time bases;
  • Creation of charts and tables;
  • Creation of the wind rose;
  • Includes Lite version for quick analysis;
  • Setting up queries to manage views of selected data.

Data selection

GIDAS Viewer allows you to select:

  • The data logger of interest;
  • The measured variables;
  • The measurement period (time window) or the latest data available;
  • The processing basis (none, 1h, 6h, 1d, 1sett, customizable).

Data display

  • Multi-size and multi-station tables and graphs. Useful graphic functions (zoom, scroll);
  • Data export in text files and Excel files;
  • Export of graphics as images;
  • Calculation and visualization of the Rose of the Winds;
  • Calculation and visualization of the Weibull curve to support applications in the field of wind energy.

GIDAS Lite module

GIDAS-Lite is also supplied together with GIDAS Viewer, a module that allows the use of some features of the main program, in a simple and fast way. It includes two sections:

  • Data download to be imported into the GIDAS database (if the data logger is connected via RS232-RS485-USB-Ethernet) without the use of 3DOM or CommNET;
  • Selection of data for their simplified visualization.
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Gidas Viewer