Access Spensor data from any internet location, bot from desktop and mobile

The Indoor-Cube cloud platform allows to access the data from Sphensor sensors installed in indoor environment from any Internet location, both from desktop and mobile.

The Basic version is free and allows to view the Dashboard of the data, the Advanced version is offered on a subscription basis.

Indoor-Cube is a platform that can be widely configured by the user, which allows the visualization, download and processing of data collected by the user’s sensor network.

The website is modular and allows the authorization of different users with different access permissions to the data.

Optional modules can be added for reporting or creation of monitoring projects. Sphensor sensors communicate with the platform via the Sphensor Gateway, which must be connected to the internet via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Building monitoring projects Module

It is possible to create projects based on specific environments, areas and buildings, allowing an integrated vision and comparison between different zones. In addition, it is possible to include in building monitoring projects a graphic display of sensors on the floor plan or 3D drawings, facilitating detailed analysis and reporting.



Code: SWCLA4200



  • Wide configurability of the user’s own organization (users and roles) and of his own sensor networks
  • Multi-tenant platform open to integration into third-party systems
  • Desktop and mobile versions
  • Dynamic dashboards in real time
  • Calculation of LSIndex, a synthetic index of healthiness of indoor environment
  • Calculation of derived quantities starting from measured ones
  • Display of historical values and statistical analysis of healthiness conditions
  • Data export in text or Excel format
  • Comparison of different Sphensor’s quantities
  • Configuration of alarms with range of validity or exceeding of thresholds
  • Modules for report or monitoring projects creation
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