Real-time data visualization dashboard

The X-Panel module is a control panel that displays in real time and dynamically the instantaneous values coming from the LSI Lastem data loggers of the M / R / E-Log, Pluvi-ONE and Alpha-Log series.

The software receives the data from M / R / E-Log connected via cable or through the CommNET program. The use of the latter program allows you to use multiple independent X-Panel sessions on multiple computers on the same network.

For A-Log and Pluvi-ONE, the X-Panel takes data from an MQTT broker server where the data logger has sent the data.

With X-Panel the configuration of each page is fully customizable according to the data loggers and sensors to be displayed.


Code: BSZ411



  • Real-time information on dynamic control panel from connected data loggers;
  • Complete programmability;
  • Multi-parameter and multi-station control panel;
  • Data input directly from the data loggers or from the CommNET program or from MQTT server.
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