The data of the georesistivimeter always available

Web-based cloud platform that allows access to the data of the G.Re.T.A. from any Internet location.

This service is offered by subscription by LSI LASTEM.

The website is available with the introduction of login credentials. It is available in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Code: SWCLA1022

G.Re.T.A. Cloud


  • Visualization of resistivity data
  • Visualization of acquisition parameters
  • Comparison between data of different days
  • Measurement of contact resistance between electrodes
  • Inversion algorithm included in the cloud software
  • Possibility of inserting a calibration function to convert resistivity sections into sections of soil water content
  • Ability to set alarm thresholds
  • Acquisition configuration section
  • Data export in text or jSON format

Geolocation of the stations

Display on a cartographic basis of the position of the G.Re.T.A. stations with name and first level of diagnostics on operation. G.Re.T.A. system communication to the LSI LASTEM server via Modem / Router. Geolocation of stations on the map: the coloured dot indicates a first diagnostic on the correct functioning of the system.

Display of resistivity data and acquisition parameters

Display of apparent and inverted resistivity data. Display of the acquisition parameters, such as injected current, measured voltage, standard deviation of the measurements and soil water content.

Data comparison

Possibility of comparing data acquired at different times, selectable from the list of measurements performed.

Introduction of the resistivity-water content calibration function

The user can enter the calibration parameters of a specific site function for the transformation of resistivity sections into sections of soil water content. To obtain parameters A and B of the function, it is necessary to perform a core drilling with ex-traction of samples at different depths on which to measure the water content of the soil.

Measurement configuration

The user configures the execution of the G.Re.T.A. system measurements indicating the type of survey:

  •  apparent resistivity measurement
  • measurement of contact resistances

And choosing the time frequency of the measurement. The system updates automatically, recognizing the presence of a new configuration file on the cloud.

Alarm module

The user can set alarms to be activated when the resistivity data variation thresholds are exceeded. It is possible to choose the area of the section on which apply the alarm, the temporal distance on which evaluate the command and the % change in resistivity to be achieved. For each system it is possible to set different alarms with different thresholds, ap-plied to different areas of the section or acting on different time periods. The user is notified that the threshold has been exceeded via an email.

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