Module for calculating the thermal conductance and the transmittance value

InfoFLUX, developed by ANIT (Italian National Association for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation), allows the calculation of the thermal conductance, from which the thermal transmittance value U is derived. This is a physical quantity that is used to calculate the thermal losses through a surface (e.g. an external wall). The lower its value, the lower the thermal losses will be.

For each measurement point, the InfoFLUX program performs thermal conductance calculations using two methods: “method of flowing averages” (ISO 9869: 1994) and “black box method” which processes the values with a statistical method, this method allows to obtain the result in a shorter time than the “sliding averages” method.

The program needs as input an ASCII file containing the values of:

  • N.2 Temperature in contact with the external wall
  • N.1 Temperature in contact with the internal wall
  • N.1 Thermal flow through the wall


Code: BSZ310



  • Import of the data file containing measurements (n. 3 surface temperatures and n. 1 thermal flux);
  • Displays useful charts to determine the time when result is stable and rapresentative;
  • Creates reports (in .xls, .docx or html format) with user’s information, tables and charts.
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