Wind Watcher

Support module for operating decisions according to wind conditions

Wind Watcher records and manages wind speed and wind direction data coming from many sensors of one site. It instantly processes data and identifies activities or alerts status to readily report potentially dangerous wind conditions for the operations of the site. WindWatcher can help taking decisions about operating conditions of the site, like safety, warning or alarmi status. It is commonly used in port terminals, railways, cableways, construction sites, off-shore platforms, etc. where it is necessary to manage activities according to wind conditions.

Wind Watcher receives real time values every second from the connected wind sensor (through one or more data logger) via radio, WiFi or Ethernet. it processes data and detected alerts, which are sent to the PC clients of the network to be viewed by the surveillance staff.

Ir is possible to view the past wind conditions which determined a specific operating situation in any moment.


Code: DSA501

Wind Watcher


  • Fast acquisition and management of real-time values (one data per second) of the wind from one or more system anemometers;
  • The system is designed for the management of redundant measuring points;
  • Data visualization on PC or web platform;
  • Alarm generation by area (grouping function of different anemometers);
  • Memorization of every single moment for subsequent analysis and checks;
  • The system can be installed on two servers (redundancy);
  • Wind Watcher Alarm module for sending email notifications when set thresholds are exceeded.


  • Wind Watcher processes realtime values as running mean values over a preset time rate and compares them through nearer sensors to find possible differences. it can keep the highest value for a conservative logic, excluding broken sensors or late measurements.
  • Alerts are divided into 4 levels. Each level produces alarm signals depending on the different thresholds and various wind conditions (windblast, ma x value over a period).


Wind Watcher displays and warns about current alarm status for every sensor, pair of sensors (redundant), group or surgroup of sensors.

View of realtime status

Wind Watcher displays the wind condition for all measurement spots on a dynamic dashboard available on every PC client of the network.

Continuity of service

Wind Watcher can be set up on two servers, one main operating server and one side service server. Server features allows to keep updated the configuration inside the service server, to make them ready to be activated at any time in case of main server failure.

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Wind Watcher