Cloud Based Data Management

The management of the data of the monitoring station, the verification of the correct functioning and the quality of the data are activities that require amount of time, specific professionalism and constant attention and care. LSI Lastem offers a data management service which, in addition to these activities, involves the publication of the data acquired by the customer’s measurement system on a website managed internally by LSI Lastem.

This service relieves the customer of any management activity of the station and of the data, in fact the customer only has to connect to the website from any location, view the data, possibly download them and make personalized elaborations.

LSI Lastem recommends combining this service with the maintenance contract to ensure the constant quality of the measurements, reduce malfunctions and data loss and reduce management costs.

Cloud Based Data Management


  • Management of data communications from the station. LSI Lastem takes into account the entire management of data communications from the customer’s station to its server.
  • Management of the database. LSI Lastem ensures a daily backup of the data coming from the station and the availability on its database and on the website of all the data downloaded from the activation of the service.

  • Publication on the website. The service includes the opening of a site, which can be customized with some customer graphics, where the data will be made available, displayed and managed. This site, which can be protected by access credentials, contains the data of one or more stations and displays logos and information provided by the customer. The customer can add optional modules to the basic package, including: the Windimula model for calculating the average concentration of odors and emissions from a single chimney, the forecast of some meteorological parameters based on the numerical model WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting model) developed by NCAR, NOAA and AFWA. Furthermore, LSI Lastem offers the possibility to enter the results of customized processing requested by the customer, for example the calculation of the flow rate, the cumulative precipitation.

  • Alerts. The service includes three types of alerts: the first for lack of communication or sensors in error, the second for measurement values ​​that exceed pre-established thresholds and generate alerts and alarms, the last for values ​​or trends of values ​​that are not congruent with the site or climatic average or comparison with nearby stations. The alerts are notified to the customer via email and, in the case of situations relating to technical problems, they are also notified to the LSI Lastem assistance service to evaluate any interventions.