Waste cycle management

LSI LASTEM sensors for the management of the waste cycle

LSI LASTEM offers a wide range of sensors dedicated to the continuous monitoring of different physical quantities in composting plants and biofilters. The available instrumentation is specially designed to ensure a long service life in these hostile environments.

The complete LSI LASTEM package also includes softwares for odor dynamics and systems for monitoring the insulating geomembrane in the subsoil.


Our offer includes:

  • oxygen, temperature and water content sensors
  • material acidity and basicity sensors
  • portable solutions to check the water content
  • Gidas-ADM software for calculating odor dispersion
  • geoelectric monitoring system G.Re.T.A. to promptly identify any leakings or pollutant spills into the subsoil
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance assistance service

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    Sensors for compost and biofilters and software for landfill management

    LSI LASTEM offers sensors for continuous monitoring of compost and biofilters, to support companies operating in the waste management sectors. All of this to guarantee superior efficiency both in terms of better performance in the abatement of odor emissions and the duration of the biofilter over time.

    Oxygen, temperature and water content sensors

    Wide range of sensors designed for continuous measurement of the main parameters useful in compost production plants in severe situations.

    These robust sensors are ideal for use in contact with corrosive materials.

    Acidity and basicity sensor in materials

    Instrumentation designed for pH measurement in liquids with a high fraction of suspended solids, such as leachate. Possibility of sensor calibration with sample solution.

    Water content sensor

    A Portable, handy and robust system for quick real-time evaluation of the water content and temperature of sand, gravel and other inert materials used in waste disposal plants.

    LSI LASTEM is the ideal partner for the management of production plants, compost, biofilters and landfills.


    Software for the anemological analysis of landfills

    Software GidasADM

    This model, combined with the LSI LASTEM wind speed and direction sensors, allows you to calculate in real time the dispersion of odor concentrations in a specific area.


    Systems for monitoring the insulating geomembrane


    Controlled landfills can become a source of soil, air and groundwater pollution, for this reason they require constant monitoring. G.Re.T.A. is the most effective and innovative solution to highlight possible leachate spills outside the confined air or the dispersion of pollutants into the subsoil.

    Sensors and software for AIA integrated environmental authorization

    The Integrated Environmental Authorization AIA is required by ARPA for companies working in the waste cycle sectors. This certification is necessary for the commissioning of newly built sites or for the expansion of those already active.

    To obtain the AIA certificate it is necessary to continuously monitor the parameters relating to quality control, both for the composting phases and for the biofilters. But not only that, this check is useful to make the production process of existing plants more efficient.

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