Georesistivimeter for Time Lapse Analisys for measuring the alteration over time of the soil’s resistivity profile


Data Loggers

Range of data loggers for enviornmental applications for fix/portable, outdoor/indoor uses. Wide number and type of inputs. Low power consumption

Sensori per misure meteorologiche

Meteorological sensors

Range of sensors for the measurement of the most typical meteorological quantities. Connection to LSI LASTEM data loggers or third part systems

Sensori per misure in ambienti indoor

Indoor environment sensors

Range of sensors to measure physical and chemicals quantities in the thermal environments, environmental quality and air quality applications in confined spaces

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Portable wireless WBGT meter – Heat Shield

Portable equipment to calculate WBGT at different levels (ISO7243:1989) or in different locations of the same environment

Sensori per misure in materiali

Sensors for material measurements

Range of sensors for monitoring the compost material during the bio-oxidation process, bio-filter and other materials in the waste treatment process

Sensori per misure di livello e conducibilità in acqua

Water sensors

Range of sensors for continuous measurements of water level, temperature and water quality inside reservoir and rivers

Sensori stato asfalto

Road surface condition sensors

Sensors for monitoring and warnings both roads and highways and in airport

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Duct sensors

Sensors for monitoring of temperatures, oxygen, relative humidity and differential pressure in pipelines, which can be used in ducts



Range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative solutions for environmental calculation

Signal conditioning units

Signal conditioning units

Signal conditioning units for Pt100, TC, V and Hz. 4-20 mA and RS485 Modbus output



Range of digital display to display the quantities and convert the signals coming from the supplied sensors

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Masts and tower

Support structures for the assembly of meteorological sensors, solar panels and boxes for data loggers and communication systems

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Each solution can be completed by accessories that allow installation, connections between the various elements, communications and data transmission, power supply and integration

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