Portable wireless WBGT meter – Heat Shield

Compact solution for measuring the main comfort and thermal stress indices

Heat Shield meter displays on-line WBGT index (without or with solar load), WBGT Eff and Delta to the WBGT Ref, plus Heat Index and Humidex indices.

Furthermore, if ESV125A anemometer is connected, Heat Shield can calculate directly the PMV-PPD comfort index (ISO7730). The models with built-in radio technology can support up to two satellite units to assess analysis at different levels or in different locations. It is possible to download the stored data using HS Manager PC program
included with Heat Shield. From HS Manager it is also possible to export the data to GIDAS TEA program, used for further thermal environments analysis as Predicted Heat Strain (PHS), Insulation Required (IREQ), Duration Limit of the exposition (Dim). GIDAS-TEA program will also allow post-processing analysis of WBGT, PMV and PPD indexes (read Gidas-TEA catalogue MW9006-ENG-06).

Portable wireless WBGT meter - Heat Shield


  • Quick, real-time, reliable and accurate assessment of heat stress WBGT index with or withour solar load (ISO7243);
  • Real time assessment of the WBGT Eff and WBGT Ref with Delta to
    the limit calculation for immediate verification of the distance to
    the limit (ISO7243 2017-08 edition);
  • Real-time assessment of the thermal comfort PMV- PPD index (ISO7730);
  • Verification probe for assessment of the system calibration;
  • Stand alone modules (ELR600M / ELR605M) and built-in radio technology models (ELR610M / ELR615M) for simultaneous, wireless monitoring in different locations/heights;
  • Rated IP54 to withstand harsh environmental conditions;
  • Use of the measured wet bulb temperature for the calculation of the WBGT;
  • 8 MB memory for extended data logging;
  • Battery Life: 200h (with radio on 20h);
  • Automatic start/stop of measurements;
  • Design and performances according to ISO7243 and ISO7726;
  • HS Manager program included for data downloading, data assesment and data reporting;
  • Data export to TEA software for additional features, including additional index calculation as: Predicted Heat Strain (PHS-ISO7923), Required Clo-thing Insulation (IREQ-ISO11079) index.
  • ESV125A hot wire anemometer for microclimate (moderate) assessment


Heat Shield is equipped with built-in sensors to measure:

  • globe temperature (tg);
  • wet bulb temperature (tnw);
  • dry bulb temperature (ta);
  • relative humidity (rh);
  • air speed (va) (external, optional).

Heat Shield supports both 15 cm (6”) and 5 cm (2”) black glo-bes thermometers diameters.


Heat Shield calculates on-line and displays the following indexes:

  • WBGT index with and without solar load (ISO7243). Up to 3 locations simultaneously when Satellite units are used;
  • WBGT Eff (CAV —Clothing Adjustment Value selection by menù),
    WBGT Ref (Metabolism value selection by menù) for Acclimatized/
    Not acclimatized subjects (ISO7243 2017-08 edition)
  • Head-Torso-Ankle Weighted Average WBGT (ISO7243) (when Sa-tellite units are used;
  • Heat index According to 1990 National Weather Service (NWS) Technical Attachment (SR 90-23);
  • Humidex According to J.M. Masterton and F.A. Richardson of Canada’s Atmospheric Environment Service equation (1979);
  • PMV-PPD (ISO7730) comfort index. Only when ESV125 anemometer sensor is connected. Metabolism (Met), Cloth (Clo) and Mechanical ratio (ETA) values are required for the subject under evaluation.

Post-processing software

Once data are downloaded to a PC, LSI Lastem suggests two software applications:

1) Using GIDAS TEA (optional) will be possible perform easy and quick creation of reports based on any available ISO index:

  • PMV-PPD index, TO Operative Temperature index (ISO7730) (requires BSZ313 PC module;
  • PHS Predicted Heat Strain (ISO7933) (requires BSZ317 PC module;
  • IREQ Insulation Required, Duration Limit of the exposition (ISO11079) (requires BSZ313 PC module).

2) Using HS Manager (included) will be possible to perform analysis of the results of Heat Shield and to evaluate working limits.

Three measurement positions using satellite modules

Heat Shield can be supplied as a stand-alone unit (ELR600M / ELR605M) or as a Master radio unit (ELR610M / ELR615M) with additional two wireless satellite modules (ELR610S, ELR615S). The satellite units are used to measure environmental conditions at three positions or levels and calculate Head-Torso-Ankle Weighted Average WBGT as required by the ISO 7243. Heat Shield radio can cover up to 300 m in line-of-sight distance, in indoors conditions it may vary.

Verification probe (EST100)

Using the high accuracy temperature probe connected to Heat Shield Base unit, it is possible to check if the measurements coming from the Heat Shield Base and Satellite modules sensors (Ta, Tg, Tnw) are within the accuracy requirements by the ISO7043 standard. This procedure assesses the whole measurement chain from Heat Shield electronic part to the sensitive elements response. This operation can be done before each measurement.

Easy to operate

Heat Shield Heat Shield is very stable when placed on any horizontal surface but it can be also held in hand or mounted on standard photographic tripod. With its on-and-play philosophy, measurements can be displayed in just a few instants from power on. No configuration is required by PC. Rechargeable batteries assure up to 200 hrs of measurement (20 hrs when using wireless Satellites).

Memory and measurement time rates

Heat Shield has 8 Mb memory to store measurements and calculations performed during every survey.  Acquisition rate is 10 s for all the acquired and calculated measurements, except for Va (anemometer) which is sampled every 1 s. Recording rate is 60 s average for all the quantities.

Hot wire anemometer

ESV125A hot wire anemometer sensor is optional and it is used to
real-time calculations of PMV-PPD thermal comfort index (ISO7730). In case of using GIDAS-TEA program, post-processing assessment of Predicted Heat Strain (PHS-ISO7923) and Required Clothing Insulation (IREQ-ISO11079) indices is possible.

  • Very low measurement threshold: 0.1 m/s
  • Special electronic allows to obtain 10 ms acquisition time rate and average production every 1 s
  • Because of the omni-directional sensitivity, this sensor is very suitable in applications where the air flow is not directional as in Heat stress and Thermal comfort applications
  • Internal ISO17025 accreditated calibration laboratory


Portable wireless WBGT meter - Heat Shield

Available Models

misuratore wireless Portable WBGT meter Heat shield

Heat Shield stand-alone module

Codice: ELR600M

Small black globe sphere (5 cm diameter).
misuratore wireless Portable WBGT meter Heat Shield

Heat Shield stand-alone module

Codice: ELR605M

Large black globe sphere (15 cm diameter).
misuratore wireless Portable WBGT meter Heat shield

Heat Shield radio base module

Codice: ELR610M

Small black globe sphere (5 cm diameter).
misuratore wireless Portable WBGT meter Heat Shield

Heat Shield radio base module

Codice: ELR615M

Large black globe sphere (15 cm diameter).
misuratore wireless Portable WBGT meter Heat Shield

Heat Shield satellite modules

Codice: ELR610S

Small black globe sphere (5 cm diameter).
misuratore wireless Portable WBGT meter Heat Shield

Heat Shield satellite modules

Codice: ELR615S

Large black globe sphere (15 cm diameter).
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Portable wireless WBGT meter - Heat Shield


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